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March 19th, 2019

Our company puts the customer first in everything we do.

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(740) 965-1133

Commitment to Quality


We do what our procedures “say” to continually maintain, monitor and improve in order to meet the quality system requirements and our our quality objectives. When in doubt we will ask “what does the procedure say?” We then follow it or fix it.
Our Quality Objectives: “SQCD”
Our quality policy is reflected in the following fundamental objectives:

S – Safety & Environment: Through Audits, Incident Reports & OSHA Recordables

Q – Quality- System, Processes & Products: Through Key Processes Metrics, Management Reviews, Audits & Claims

C – Customer Satisfaction: Through Customer Feedback & Communication

Continual Improvement: Through Themes, Projects & Meetings

Cost Control: Through Business Planning, Scrap & Resource Management

D– Delivery: Through Delivery Claims, Operating Equipment Efficiency & Daily Achievement of Production Plan

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