Blanchester FCM was purchased by Showa in May 1988. In April 1994 Blanchester FCM, Sunbury Component Industries and Showa American merged to form American Showa, Inc.  In January 2021 American Showa merged and became a member of Hitachi Astemo Ltd., known as Hitachi Astemo Ohio Manufacturing, Inc.   The Blanchester plant is under the Chassis Division Steering Business Unit of Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.  

The Blanchester plant is located at 960 Cherry St., Blanchester, Ohio. It has a floor space of 280,000 square feet. The Blanchester Plant manufactures power steering pumps and power steering gear boxes for the transportation industry.

Its’ operations include aluminum casting, machining aluminum and steel, assembling gear boxes and pumps and in-line testing for performance, leaks and noise.

Products are developed and manufactured for Honda, Subaru, and Mazda. Honda models include the Accord, Acura, Civic, CR-V, Pilot, Odyssey, Element and Ridgeline. Models of the Subaru Legacy and Tribeca and Mazda 6 are also manufactured at the Blanchester plant.

In June 1989 Blanchester FCM began the assembly of the Honda Civic and Accord hydraulic power steering gear boxes. Four years later the power steering pump and accumulator were added to production assembly. After the merger in 1994 the Blanchester plant saw a lot of growth. Honda gear box, valve and pump housings were now being machined as well as assembled.

In 1999 the Blanchester expanded to include a 40,000 square foot warehouse. Machining processes for power steering components were moved to Blanchester from the Sunbury plant. Capacities increased over the years with the addition of the rack, cylinder and variable speed pump machining. And nine years later, the new electric power steering unit was introduced to the Blanchester plant and began mass production in 2008.

The Showa merger with Hitachi was announced in October 2019.  The merger was finalized and we officially became Hitachi Astemo Ohio Manufacturing in January 2021.





Hitachi Astemo Ohio Manufacturing -Steering has established, documented, implemented, maintained, and continually improved our environmental management system in accordance to the ISO 14001:2015 internal standard and has determined how we are to fulfill the specified requirements that include: leadership, continuous improvement, compliance obligations, and internal/external issues.

The scope of this Environmental Management System (EMS) is for the Blanchester plant which engages in the manufacturing of automotive parts, to manage environmental aspects when we cast, machine and assemble steering components for the automotive industry.