SHOWA’s Approach to the Development of Shock Absorbers for Motorcycles

SHOWA Motorcycle shock absorbers are part of the frame and also functions as an element in the appearance of the product. It is therefore required to develop a shock absorber that not only provides high performance, strength, and durability, but also fulfills numerous functions and ensures a high degree of reliability. Based on the techniques accumulated through its continual involvement in motorcycle races throughout the world, SHOWA strives to develop products that meet the diverse needs of customers.


Functions and Roles

The rear cushion is a key structural component of a motorcycle, holding the rear wheel and providing the function of a shock absorber. With the linkage of the rear wheel and swing arm, this vital part demands excellent ability to closely follow road contours through smooth operation and steady damping force, while retaining high rigidity.

Double tube

product_2_sar_1This type features the most basic structure and has been adopted primarily in models provided with two rear cushions, as well as in compact motorcycles.

Pressurized type

product_2_sar_2Single-tube (single-cylinder-system) type:
Due to its superb responsiveness, this type is employed in high-performance motorcycles subjected to tough, sporty riding condition

product_2_sar_3With a pressurizing sub-tank:
This is a high-function model that features excellent heat radiation and offers a high degree of freedom in a wide range of settings.