Our Company Principle is to meet customer needs with the highest possible quality, most competitive products and dedication to positive environmental practices.


We are taking a great leap forward as a quality manufacturer of precision, high performance, high function components for transportation applications. We will try to do so by:

  1. Achieving managerial and technological innovations all the time to build a better future;
  2. Pursuing highest possible quality by optimizing time and material;
  3. Winning public acceptance through well-balanced corporate activities;
  4. Promoting positive environmental protection activities;
  5. Combining the wisdom and energies of all members to build corporate vitality and improve the quality of the individual.

We do what our procedures “say” to continually maintain, monitor and improve in order to meet the quality system requirements and our our quality objectives. When in doubt we will ask “what does the procedure say?” We then follow it or fix it.


SHOWA hopes to serve as a reliable and prospective company for customers and society, and we think it is important that each SHOWA associate act with self-awareness. In order to share and implement these concepts among all SHOWA affiliates throughout the world SHOWA has compiled a list of efforts made in our relations with customers, suppliers, and society, as introduced below.

1. Compliance
· We shall observe all relevant laws, regulations and internal regulations, with correct understanding of their letter and spirit and shall act sensibly and ethically as responsible members of society.
· If we discover any act that violates or could potentially cause violation of laws, regulations, internal regulations or business ethics, we shall report to our managers or the Compliance Hotline.  
2. Respect for Human Rights
· We shall respect human rights, and shall permit no discrimination or harassment, whether sexual, power-based, or of any other kind.  
3. Preservation of Environment
· We shall strive for the efficient utilization and recycling of resources, and ensure proper processing of waste and contaminated materials.  
4. Social Contribution
· We shall be good citizens and contribute actively to the society around us.  
5. Traffic Safety
For the sake of traffic safety and to fulfill our responsibilities as drivers, we, the associates of ASI, take safe driving seriously and shall not commit any violations of traffic laws and  regulations, such as distracted driving, driving under the influence (of alcohol or controlled  substances), and excessive speeding while driving ASI owned vehicles or while driving for ASI business.
6. Safety and Sanitation
· We shall create working environments where each and every person can be active in a safe and healthy condition both physically and mentally.
· Should a disaster occur, we shall give top priority to human life and safety.
7. Disclosure of Corporate Information
· We shall disclose corporate information fairly and appropriately to our shareholders and investors and to society in general.
8. Asset Management
· We shall handle corporate assets responsibly.
9. Information Management
· We shall not abuse or divulge any confidential information or personal information about associates, customers, business partners, or our own company.
· We shall adequately control security by locking office fixtures, managing computers and their passwords.
· We shall use social media as a communication tool in appropriate ways, with due care and with understanding of its characteristics and impacts.
10. Fair trade and relations with politicians and public administration
· We shall always do business fairly with our customers and business partners.
· We shall maintain sound and transparent relations with political entities and public administration and shall never engage in any act that might constitute provision of favors or invite misunderstanding.
· We shall not have any business relations, nor any other kind of relations with groups or individuals who use violence, force, threats and fraudulent methods to pursue economic benefits.
11. Emphasis on Quality
· We shall aim for quality of the highest levels in all aspects of our business activities.



Our Quality Objectives: “SQCD”
Our quality policy is reflected in the following fundamental objectives:

S – Safety & Environment: Through Audits, Incident Reports & OSHA Recordables

Q – Quality- System, Processes & Products: Through Key Processes Metrics, Management Reviews, Audits & Claims

C – Customer Satisfaction: Through Customer Feedback & Communication

Continual Improvement: Through Themes, Projects & Meetings

Cost Control: Through Business Planning, Scrap & Resource Management

D– Delivery: Through Delivery Claims, Operating Equipment Efficiency & Daily Achievement of Production Plan