Rickenbacker Global Logistics (RGL), 9296 Intermodal Ct., Columbus, Ohio 43217

Hitachi Astemo Ohio Manufacturing (USOM) operates a 304,560-square-foot single-story Class A distribution facility situated on 26.8-acres within the Rickenbacker Global Logistics Park in Columbus, Ohio.

RGL was constructed in 2014 and serves as USOM’s sole distribution warehouse for various vehicle parts. USOM distributes its shock absorbers to every Honda and Harley-Davidson motorcycle manufacturing plant in the United States and to select facilities in Canada and Mexico. USOM relocated and consolidated its imported component distribution operations, previously housed in three facilities throughout Ohio, into RGL in order to achieve operational efficiencies and reduce operating costs in the supply-chain.

RGL is centrally located between the Sunbury and Blanchester manufacturing plants in Ohio and is strategically located to service customers’ manufacturing plants throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. RGL is located less than one mile from Norfolk Southern Intermodal Facilities in a designated “Loaded-to-Capacity Container Zone”, within which fully-loaded, over-weight containers are allowed to be transported directly from the intermodal yard to RGL without any special permits. USOM receives over 1,000 shipping containers annually, and its location has resulted in reduced delivery times, transportation cost savings, and lower inventory carrying costs.