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Showa Corporation to Exhibit at 2019 SAE WCX

Company News

Showa Corporation (Headquartered in Gyoda-city, Saitama Prefecture / President: Nobuyuki Sugiyama) showcased our products for the first time at SAE World Congress Experience (SAE WCX) 2019, held in Detroit, Michigan.

Exhibition Period: April 9 – 11, 2019
Our intention is to provide the end user with driving comfort and fun mobility throughout our continuous development in technology advancements. This is accomplished through established linkage of the vehicle behavior and the unit part performance. The focus on our development endeavors are placed on the systems and modules represented by our Shock Absorber and Power Steering systems which significantly impact the driving feel and riding comfort. Our products are currently applied to the 4W vehicles of multiple OEM’s.

For the SAE exhibit, we showcased our “BRA-EPS” and “IECAS” that we have been developing foreseeing the era of auto pilot vehicles. “BRA-EPS” is a belt drive style rack assisted EPS, and “IECAS” is an electronically controlled damper that is currently applied to vehicles in mass production. We prepared a video presentation that introduces our auto pilot minded performance research as well.